Battle between yoshis

Yoshi standing off against Thunderfoot

The Yoshi Tribe is a tribe of Yoshi's living on Yoshi Island (other name Dinosaur Island). They are well known to be peaceful, and have many abilities. The Yoshi Tribe also has the same appearence as Yoshi. The colors vary from yellow, brown, pink, green, and dark blue.

Abilities of Yoshi TribeEdit

Similar to Yoshi, the tribe can sustain some air when jumping, and can swallow anything with their tongue. When threatned, they will use spears and nets as a trap.

Famous YoshisEdit

Known Yoshis are:

  • Yoshi: The famous one who aids Mario, Luigi, Sonic, and Shadow's quest for the Chaos Emeralds.
  • Yoshi Chief: Chief of the Yoshi tribe. As revealed in episode 5, he was the Yoshi who appeared in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, and helped Baby Mario get back home safely.
  • Thunderfoot: The largest Yoshi in the tribe.

Involvement in SMBZEdit

The Yoshi Tribe played a side plot in the heroes' quest. The Yoshi Chief had found the purple Chaos Emerald. But after the discovery, the chief was attacked by Shy Guys, who cornered her. But the Emerald eventually scared them away. Soon, the Chief took the Emerald back to the village, believing that the gods had sent it down (which was actually Shadow's use of Chaos Control). But after this, bad things happened. Five Yoshis (who were actually the Axem Rangers X) demanded to see the Emerald. After this, they enslaved the entire Yoshi tribe to dig up more emeralds, except for the Chief, Thunderfoot, and other Yoshis. They eventually plot to catch the Rangers by setting up fake Chaos Emeralds, but was found by the heroes. After a brief battle, the Chief recognized Mario, and an alliance was formed. The heroes managed to free the Yoshis enslaved.

Just before the destruction of the island by Semi-Super Mecha Sonic, Shadow used Chaos control to warp them back to safety. Now, they have to find a new home. It is unknown when they will come back.

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