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Yoshi's Island is the home of a tribe of Yoshis. It was destroyed by Semi-Super Mecha Sonic near the end of episode 6, Brawl on a Vanishing Island.

The Yoshis of the island are peace-loving, sharing, and friendly. However, after the appearance of the Axem Rangers X they started to become hostile, preparing an ambush in
Yoshi island map

An above view of the island.

which E. Gadd unintentionally took the bait.

The Island's key features are its three mountains, which stand high above the rest of the island. However slowly they were destroyed, shortly followed by the Island itself. The island also had several tall cliffs, and thick forests where a number of battles took place. The Yoshi Tribe also had a stone statue, shaped like a Yoshi, upon which they placed their 'Magic Gem', later revealed to be a Chaos Emerald.


  • According to Super Mario World it is part of the Dinosaur Land.