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This article is about the second episode of the 2015 series. For the 2006 episode of the same name, see The New Threat (2006 Series).
The New Threat
Released: TBA
Episode No. 2
Preceded By: Fierce Battle Between Fierce Rivals
Succeeded By: TBD
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The New Threat is the second episode in the reboot of Super Mario Bros. Z, and the second of the Metallix Saga. Currently under development, it is expected to follow the plot of the 2006 series' third episode of the same name, involving a battle sequence between newcomer Yoshi, and Metallix.[1] The episode plans were unveiled on February 11, 2016,[2] and (at the time) scheduled on April 22, 2016 to release as the 10th anniversary of the first episode in 2006.[3] It will also be co-written by TheChaotixBoys. However, it has since gone into hiatus, citing Alvin's personal complications, mostly concerning personal health.


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Yoshi vs. Metallix Edit

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Yoshi vs. Metallix
Image Placeholder
Fighters Yoshi, Metallix
Location TBA
Forms TBA
Winner Metallix

Major EventsEdit


Differences from the original Edit


  • This episode is the second in the series, as opposed to the original's counterpart being the third.

Episode 2Edit

  • A scene remade from the original series' second episode now appears in this one.


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