TheChaotixBoys (born January 23, 2002, real name Alen Alic) is a writer and editor who is the co-writer of the flash series Super Mario Bros. Z (2015 Series) and currently lives in Missouri, USA.

He is known as one of Alvin-Earthworm's best friends, even though the two had many online altercations in the past, but Alen stated in an interview with the SMBZ Wikia, "I did a lot of bad things to Mark, and same goes for him too. But even though we always fought, we always came to a mutual understanding of one another. After being split up for about 2 months, I came back and we discussed things and we ended up working together once again. And I've never been happier."

External Links Edit

Alen Alic on YouTube

Alen Alic on Twitter

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