This article is from the 2006 series of SMBZ and is no longer canon.

A Tanooki Suit is a power up found in the Mushroom Kingdom and used in Super Mario Bros. Z by Luigi in Episode 8. When Mario/Luigi uses it, they don a suit which makes them look like a Racoon.
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The Tanooki Suit in SMB3


The Tanooki Suit has a few good uses to help the Bros. in tough situations. If Mario/Luigi gains a Tanooki Suit, they have the ability to fly, and turn into a stone statue. Being a Stone Statue allows the Bros. to stay protected without taking damage. They can also use a Tail Attack to defeat enemies. In SMBZ, Luigi can turn himself into an Eight Ton weight in this form.

Super Mario Bros. 3Edit

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An example of the Transformation from a Racoon to a Statue

The Tanooki Suit only appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3 as a special Power Up for the Bros. Their major appearance is in Ice Land. The suit has also made item appearances in two other worlds.


Luigi packed a Tanooki Suit in Professor E. Gadd's lab in case of an emergency. He later on used it to fight the Koopatrols. Luigi was used mainly as a weapon for the Heroes (minus Shadow, who left the team), but he also fought without being used, and helped Mario do a special twirling move. He could even transform into an 8-ton weight. Episode 9 would have also revealed that the Tanooki suit would also allow the wearer to free themselves from Captain Basilisx's petrification gaze ability, as demonstrated when Luigi saved Mario from Basilisx at the last minute.


  • In Japan, the original meaning of "Tanooki" represents a mythological creature used in stories known as a "tanuki". The tanukis were known as racoons that could shapeshift into other beings such as humans using leaves. They could also transform into stone statues to trick people.