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Alvin-Earthworm, creator of Super Mario Bros. Z Super Mario Bros. Z Navigation
EPISODES Intro Episode 1: Bowser's Return Episode 2: Warriors From Another Dimension Episode 3: The New Threat Episode 4: Here Come the Koopa Bros. Episode 5: Troubles on Yoshi's Island Episode 6: Brawl on a Vanishing Island Episode 7: Secret of the Pipe Maze Episode 8: The Great Doomship Offensive

Episode 9: The Two Shell Treaty
THE HEROES Mario | Luigi | Yoshi | Sonic | Shadow
THE VILLAINS Wario | Waluigi | Bowser | Kamek | Kammy | Mecha Sonic | Eggman | Koopa Bros. | Axem Rangers X | Mecha Mario | Koopalings | Basilisx | Wart
SUPPORTING CHARACTERS Princess Peach | Toadsworth | E. Gadd | Yoshi Chief | Thunderfoot | Frankly | Kolorado | Goombella | Stuffwell | Other
LOCATIONS Peach's Castle | Racetrack | Donut Plains | Yoshi's Island | Bowser's Castle | Pipe Maze | Minus World | Omega Doomship | Mobius | Subcon
BATTLES* M V Bo | Y V MS | H V KB | H V YT | H V KB V ARX | MS V ARX | H V MS 1 | M&S V MS | H V MS 2 | H V ODS | H V K | M V Ba 1 | H/M V Ba 2 | H V K

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