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This article is from the 2006 series of SMBZ and is no longer canon.

Stuffwell Stuffwell • Supporting Character
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Stuffwell is a living suitcase invented by Professor E. Gadd in order to help the heroes find the Chaos Emerald in the Pipe Maze. He has many sensors that can detect the Emerald's power and communicate with the professor. He has a habit of saying: "BACK TO ADVENTURE!" whenever he is done speaking. But Sonic became annoyed with it quickly and demanded he stopped saying it. Stuffwell is very cautious and warns the others not to do anything impulsive. He tries his best to keep the group from fighting amongst one another, but Shadow refuses to listen to him.


Stuffwell is not known for fighting, but he is able to store items safely inside himself. Mecha Sonic seems to be unable to track down where the Chaos Emeralds are hidden, but Stuffwell holds on to them most of the time, meaning that Mecha Sonic can't get them unless he knows that Stuffwell has them. He also has a built-in radar to contact other people from distant areas, as seen in Episode 7 where he contacted Professor E. Gadd and Professor Frankly.

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