A Starman is a power up from the Mushroom Kingdom and used in SMBZ, albeit briefly

A Starman

SMBZ AppearancesEdit

The Starman only appeared in Episode 6 which was used by Mario and Sonic. To stop Mecha Sonic from destroying Yoshi's Island, Mario and Sonic shared a Starman that Mario found in a Question Box. Mario sparkled just as he would in the games while Sonic had transformed into (star) Super Sonic. The Two managed to recover four Chaos Emeralds that Mecha Sonic had absorbed, but before Sonic could destroy Mecha Sonic, the power wore off, and the two dropped to the ground. Mecha Sonic then began to throw his giant Fire Ball to try and kill the Heroes and the Yoshi Tribe. Shadow then catched a Chaos Emerald that Sonic had thrown to him, and he utilized Chaos Control, getting everyone off the Island (Except Mecha Sonic).

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