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This article is from the 2006 series of SMBZ and is no longer canon.

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In the games, this famous hedgehog has been Sega's official mascot for 22 years. Sonic is a 16 year-old blue anthropomorphic hedgehog who is capabale of running at the speed of sound. He is a very easy going hedgehog, who frequently runs wherever he pleases. He has battled against the evil Dr. Eggman for many years. That is until Metal Sonic came. Sonic battled against him countless times, which fueled the robotic tyrant's determination to defeat his anthropomorphic counterpart. His friends were murdered by Mecha Sonic, and now Sonic along with Shadow join the Mario Bros. and Yoshi to put an end to the mechanical monster's evil schemes and prevent the destruction of the Mushroom Kingdom as it happened in Mobius, Sonic's homeworld. He is one of the main characters of  ' Super Mario Bros. Z.

Personality Edit

Sonic's personality hasn't changed much from his personality from his games. He is normally laid back and sometimes confident, even though he seeks revenge for his friends being slained by Mecha Sonic. Although he can be impatient and arrogant at times. When someone is in trouble he usually wishes to help. It could be hinted by a dream sequence in Episode 5 that he may be repressing emotions related to the death of his friends.

Fighting Style Edit

Sonic's main ability is obviously his high speed, in Episode 3 he was shown being faster than Shadow, Cape Mario and Luigi (however Luigi seemed to be highly exerting himself). It was shown in Episode 6 when running away from Axem Green and Axem Black that he can break into an even higher speed, although it may not last long enough, it is unknown if he can stay at this speed. It was with this speed that he managed to peak Yoshi's Island in a matter of seconds. It appears that he can move fast enough to rival Shadow's use of Chaos Control as seen in Episode 8 while taking on Bowser's Doomship crew.

In battle, Sonic's attacks primarily consist of numerous kick combos, and rarely hitting anyone with his fist. However Sonic sometimes uses his spin attack in which he swings his arms around. It should be known that he has used his fists in some situations; for example, in Episode 4 Sonic punches one of the Koopa Bros. away when saving Luigi and in Episode 7 he tried to punch Mecha Sonic (though Mecha Sonic blocked this attack). It is possible that Sonic, though not often seen using much arm strength, may be stronger than he appears; in a flashback memory in Episode 4, Sonic was seen fighting Silver Sonic where he destroyed the entire robot with one punch. In his game series, Sonic's spinning forms are strong enough to burrow through ground and heavy metal but he still yet has to show his spinning potential in Super Mario Bros. Z. It is more likely that instead of being weak, Sonic (the youngest hero) has little experience in actual hand-to-hand combat as he is often able to take out most of his opponents with his superior speed. Most of his moves come from Sonic Battle, such as the Ground Shot and the Air Shot, consisiting of powerful thrusts and quick movements. It's possible that he was holding back in earlier fights due to the fact that he started using critical strikes against opponents in episode 6 while fighting Semi-Super Mecha Sonic. He also makes greater use of critical strikes while facing Mecha Sonic in episode 7 and while taking on Bowser's army of Doomship crewmen.

A number of Sonic's more uncommon abilities have been shown in a few episodes, such as Snowboarding and the Light Speed Attack. In Episode 4, 7, and 8, he uses the Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku/Hurricane Kick, a move from the Street Fighter games (the animation for this move uses the frames for Sonic's Dash Attack from Sonic Battle). The Snowboard (from Sonic Advance 3) was used to get down a mountain, whether it was faster, safer or simply more fun is yet to be determined. The Light Speed Attack charged just as it did in Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, but its actual function was much different. Rather than speeding off into a string of enemies it seemed to give Sonic a general boost in strength and speed (to a point where he can't be seen). Mecha Sonic also possess this ability and when the two used it together, it was as if time itself had stopped.

Sonic also seems to possess the ability to use different items in the Mushroom World. In Episode 6, He transformed into Super Sonic for a brief period of time using a Starman. In Episode 8, he used a Fire Flower to transform into Fire Sonic. Like Fire Mario, Fire Sonic possesses pyrokinesis and features radically heightened speed, strength, and combat abilities. Some of his powers include being able to move fast enough to appear to be warping with Chaos Control, rapidly strike foes faster than the eye can see, launch fireballs, create fire vortexes, and become a fireball when using his spin attack.

Along with Mario and Shadow, Sonic is one of the only heroes who seems to be able to fight Mecha Sonic evenly without a power-up (except Luigi and Yoshi). In Episode 6, Sonic was the only hero still standing and ready to fight Mecha Sonic before he decided to destroy the island and while he was unable to score any hits on Semi-Super Mecha Sonic, he still did not give up fighting. Sonic's ability to stand off against Mecha Sonic is seen in both fights of Episode 7; in the pipe maze, Sonic could easily dodge Mecha's bullets and rockets and was also able to land a critical hit on Mecha with his Light Speed Attack. Sonic, like Shadow with Chaos Blast, was evenly equal with Mecha Sonic when both characters ignitiated the Light Speed Attack. In the second fight, Sonic was equal with Mecha Sonic in the castle until Mecha Sonic used his longer reach to mess up Sonic's attack. It is likely that if Mario, Sonic, and Shadow were to all work together (cooperatively that is), they could possibly be able to defeat Mecha Sonic.

Sonic often takes the defensive in the battle, often implying a run and dodge concept rather than full out aggression like Mario and Shadow. He also cares for his fellow heroes in battle; he saves Luigi in Episode 4 from the Koopa Bros. and displayed a concern for Mario in Episode 5.

Techniques and Abilities Edit

Attack Types:

  • Offensive: Damage Opponent
  • Defensive: Prevents User from Being Damaged
  • Special: Attacks that are Rarely Used and/or Energy Based Attacks
  • Support: Turn The Tide in Battle or used for convenience in Non-Battle Situations
  • Rush: Rapid Attacks used to Overwhelm Opponents
  • Stun: Impairs Enemies for Free Hits
  • Immobilize: Restricts Enemy Movements and Attacks
  • Super: Attacks That are Extremely High in Damages and are used as A Trump Card or Finisher Move
  • Spin Dash- (Attack Type: Offensive) Sonic's Signature Move, Sonic Curls up into a Ball and Dash into his Opponent which Damages his opponent due to his Spikes
  • Snowboard- (Skill) Sonic can Bust out a Snowboard from Seemingly Nowhere and Use it as a Transportation in usually a Snowy Area.
  • Light Speed Dash- (Attack Type: Special, Rush, Offensive)Also Called The "Light Speed Attack" A More Powerful version of The Spin Dash, This move's Power however comes with a Price: Sonic needs to charge up Power for a Few Seconds, When used it is one of Sonic's more powerful moves as it can knock down Turbo Mecha Sonic, When Used against a Opponent who is also using Light Speed Dash Their Perspective of Time is that Everything is in Negative Color and That Time has Frozen but they didn't Freeze, However in Someone else's Perspective who is watching them will see them as 2 Steams of Light.
  • Mario And Sonic Yin-Yang Ball- (Attack Type: Special, Super, Offensive) (Can only be used when Both Mario and Sonic has The Starman Power) Mario and Sonic compacts themselves together into a Ball that Resembles The Yin-Yang Symbol and Charges Towards The Opponent, This Attack is powerful enough to Literally Knock The 4 Chaos Emeralds Out of Semi-Super Mecha Sonic's Body.
  • Tatsumaki Senpukyaku- (Attack Type: Offensive) (Borrowed From Ryu from Street Fighter) Literally meaning "Tornado Helicopter Kick" Sonic Spins his body around with one of His Leg outstretched while gliding towards his opponent gaining multiple hits, Sonic will get atleast 3 Hits on his opponent at minimum.
  • Homing Attack- (Attack Type: Offensive) This attack is extremely Precise and very hard to shake off, As its name implies, the Homing Attack allows Sonic to home directly into a nearby enemy with a target-seeking midair spin attack. The attack's force from bouncing off targets can be chained to attack several enemies and to reach higher areas.
  • Spin Dash Cyclone- (Requires Mario to be in his Raccoon Form) (Attack Type: Offensive) While Mario is holding Sonic, Sonic does a Spin Dash while Mario also spins around while knocking into enemies which are damaged due to Sonic's Spin Dash.
  • Spin Dash Throw- (Requires a Secondary Character) (Attack Type: Offensive) The Secondary character throws Sonic into some enemies while Sonic does various moves such as Spin Dash or Tatsumaki Senpukyaku.
  • Shockwave- (Attack Type: Offensive) Sonic runs at a Very high speed and suddenly stops which creates a Blue Shockwave that Pushes back a Group of enemy before exploding
  • Rapid Kicks- (Attack Type: Rush, Offensive) Sonic rapidly kicks his opponent without putting his foot down.
  • Fire Charge- (Requires Sonic to be in his Fire Form) (Attack Type: Special, Offensive) Sonic charges into a Enemy while being enveloped with Flame.
  • Fury Attack- (Attack Type: Rush, Offensive) Sonic attacks his enemy so fast that The Naked eye can't see him.
  • Charged Fireball-(Requires Sonic to be in his Fire Form) (Attack Type: Special, Offensive) Sonic charges a Fireball in his hand and launches it at his opponent.
  • Fireball Barrage- (Requires Sonic to be in his Fire Form) (Attack Type: Special, Rush, Offensive) Sonic fires a Barrage of Fireballs at his enemies.
  • Fire Shockwave- (Requires Sonic to be in his Fire Form) (Attack Type: Special, Offensive) Sonic leaps into The Air and does a Backflip with his legs outstretched which creates a Shockwave of fire that exploded on impact.
  • Fire Homing Attack- (Requires Sonic to be in his Fire Form) (Attack Type: Special, Offensive)
  • Fire Vortex- (Requires Sonic to be in his Fire Form) (Attack Type: Special, Offensive) Sonic spins around a Group of enemies very fast and then stop and a few moments later The ring of fire engulfs whatever is inside of it in flame.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Episode Appearances


Contenders Episode Location Winner
2006 4-29 Sonic
Mecha Sonic
Here Come the Koopa Bros. (Flashback) Mobius Mecha Sonic
2006 4-67 Mario, Luigi
Sonic, Shadow
Koopa Bros.
Here Come the Koopa Bros. Donut Plains Koopa Bros.

Trivia Edit

  • Sonic's Light Speed Attack in Ep. 7 resembled it's portrayal in Chakra-X's Sonic flash, Nazo Unleashed.
  • Sonic was nearly killed by Mecha Sonic, as explained in his story in Episode 4. If Shadow hadn't intervened, Sonic would probably be dead.