This article is from the 2006 series of SMBZ and is no longer canon.

Shadow, like Sonic and Yoshi, has a small handful of alternate forms available to him in Super Mario Bros. Z.

Super ShadowEdit

Shadow's primary transformation, Super Shadow, is much faster than normal Shadow and can fly indefinitely. His various Chaos powers also become enhanced, such as being able to throw Chaos Spears faster and charge them. Super Shadow is also invulnerable, although it is unknown if this invincibility would apply when fighting other super characters or characters of equal strength, such as Metallix.

Traditionally, Shadow needs the seven Chaos Emeralds to enter his super form, but in Super Mario Bros. Z, he can also use the power of the Star Spirits to transform. Sonic was seen transforming into Super Sonic by using a Starman, so Shadow may be able to as well.

Other formsEdit

The 2 Faces of Stewie Griffin by beedrill1994
8-bit Shadow: Like other characters, Shadow was turned into an 8-bit version of himself while he was in the Minus World. 8-bit Shadow is unable to use Chaos Control to warp, although he does use it to attack Mecha Sonic, implying he can warp within the Minus World, just not out of it. Also, while he isn't seen using Chaos Spear or Chaos Blast in this form, nothing confirms or denies he may still be able to use these techniques.