2-28-2010 9-09-26 AM

The Racetrack is a typical Mario Kart Racetrack. Although it hasn't been officially confirmed by Alvin-Earthworm, it is likely to be Mario Circuit.

The track seems to have a grandstand surrounding one side throughout the entire track (however it cannot be seen from a top-down perspective), which curiously houses a number of Kirby enemies.

The Lakitu Bros. are the commentators, or at least commentate sometimes.


The Racetrack first appears in Episode 1 where the Mario and Luigi in the Red Fire, and Wario and Waluigi in the Brute, have their final race.

During the match the track gets covered in a few flames and scorch marks, due to the aggressive nature of the racers, and at the very end suffers a large explosion thanks to Bowser's Bob-Ombs and the "I Like Cereal!" banana.

In Episode 2 Mario and Bowser battle here, eventually ending in Bowser's defeat thanks to the timely appearance of a capsule containing Sonic and Shadow.