The Queen of the Mushroom Kingdom 669 years ago in what was called the "Pescan Era".


In the bid to expand her empire and having control the Pipe Maze, her eyes fell on the resources underground. She could get the strategic in fighting the Future Wars for land expansion. However, the very large Koopa Clan inhabited land that she wanted to take, and thus Pesca knew that she will have to fight to get their land and thus began the Third Pescan War. Bauzire the Leader of the Koopa Clan used the method of executing captured Toad Soldiers: throwing them into a Pipe near his underground village leading to "World 36" or as Pesca can call it the Minus World. Queen Pesca's army and the very large Koopa Clan suffered casualties. The War ended with the Mushroom Kingdom banishing Koopa Clan to the Minus World never to come back alive.