Mario power ups

Power Ups are items that transform that give the user new abilities for combat. Most of the abilities include changing the user's size and color.

Power ups seen so farEdit

Golden MushroomEdit

The Golden Mushroom is the first seen power ups. Is it is seen at the racetrack, it used by Luigi to fix the Red Fire. It shot the Red Fire forward into
180px-MKwii Goldmushroom
the race passing The Brute.

Known AbilitiesEdit

1) Limited amount of high-speed boost in vehicles.

Possible AbilitiesEdit

1) Restoring both HP and BP to max for a single person.

Super MushroomEdit

The Red Mushroom, Super Mushroom, or simply called the Mushroom, is also first seen at the racetrack, it used by Waluigi to boost the Brute up to ramming speed, allowing the
Brute to rear end the Red Fire. It is used again later in the race by Luigi to catch up with the Brute after being ran over.

Known AbilitiesEdit

1) One time boost in vehicles.

Possible AbilitiesEdit

1) Doubles the size and strength of the user.

Lighting BoltEdit

The Lighting Bolt is seen during races, used by Waluigi after ramming the Red Fire, The brute than runs over the Red Fire.
250px-MKwii Thunderbolt

Known AbilitiesEdit

1) Shrinks the size of opponents

Fire FlowerEdit

The Fire Flower is seen several times through out the series. It's mostly favored by Mario (the only person
to use it in the series until Episode 8), and is used by Sonic in Episode 8.

Known AbilitiesEdit

1) When obtained, the user can hurl out fireballs from their hands that can defeat many enemies during gameplay.

Metal MushroomEdit

The Metal Mushroom has appeared only once so far, during the battle between Mario and Bowser, while Bowser gives Mario his credit that has got stronger since they last fought then says "But yo
Metal Mushroom Orb
u really think I didn't anticipate that? Kamek!!! NOW!!!!!!" Kamek throws/cast the Metal Mushroom to him, which he eats.

Known AbilitiesEdit

1) When the user uses it on him/herself, the user would turn into metal, and would not be affected by any normal attacks.

Cape FeatherEdit

The Cape Feather is seen several times through the series as well. Mario and Luigi are the only ones to use the feather so far.Durning one of the episode intro, Wario takes Mario's feather and becomes Wario-Man, his super from WarioWare Game Series, but not in the main storyline.

Known Abilities

1) Cape Feathers are a type of feather that transforms the user into a caped version of themselves. This grants them the power to fly, and increases the users strength and speed.

Hammer Bros Suit

It used by Mario in Episode 8, in fight against Basilisx.

Known AbilitiesEdit

1) Gives the user the ability to hurl hammers at foes.

Blue ShellEdit

It has only been used once by Luigi in the fight against Axem Rangers X and Mecha Sonic on Yoshi's Island in Episode 6.

Known AbilitiesEdit

1) Allows user to slide along the ground as a shell, impervious to some attacks.

2) The Shell is protective, and causes almost no damage to the person when using it, making him/her almost invincible.

Poison MushroomEdit

The Poison Mushroom is a power down rather than a power-up. It takes away power and makes the person sick and can cause death. It is used by Basilisx in Episode 8 to poison Mario. However, they can be countered by 1up Mushrooms, as seen in episode 9 when Luigi fed it to Mario.

Known AbilitiesEdit

1) Lowers the form of the user to a point of illness or even death.

2) Can counter powerups