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Mr. L is Luigi's evil alter-ego from Super Paper Mario, who works for Count Bleck. Mr. L is ironically everything that Luigi is not, cocky, arrogant, and evil, however, he shares on thing from the original Luigi, they are both loyal to their superiors (Mario for Luigi, and Count Bleck for Mr. L), however when the true antagonist, Dimentio, betrayed Mr. L, and sent him to the Underwhere, he regained his memory as Luigi and abandoned his Mr. L identity, and joining up with Mario, Peach, and Bowser to help stop Count Bleck, and later on, Dimentio.


After fighting Count Bleck, Dimentio arrives, seemingly killing Bleck's assistant, Nastia, and revealing himself to be the true antagonist, being responisble for all of the events that helped the Heroes get the Pure Hearts, he then reveals that after the penultimate battle he had with Luigi, that after he seemingly killed both himself and Luigi, he had really planted a mind controlling plant called a Flouro Sprout, in Luigi's mind, which then blooms soon afterward, this causes Luigi to become hypnotized and once more becoming Mr. L, only with no physical

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