Season 1 Intro
Intro 1-6
Released: September 4, 2015
Saga Metallix Saga
Song Mario Minor - Power Glove
Super Mario bros Z reboot intro02:05

Super Mario bros Z reboot intro

The Season 1 Intro was released on September 4, 2015 and is the intro for the Metallix Saga. The intro showcases the heroes and villains of the first season, including Metallix, Bowser and the Koopalings, and King K. Rool.


The intro starts off in the style of the original Super Mario Bros. game. Mario runs along the path of World 1-1 and jumps down a pipe. The scene changes to the art style of the series, where Mario jumps out of the pipe. He is joined by Luigi (who trips), Yoshi jumps in, Sonic runs in and Shadow teleports to join the others. All the heroes jump to do a pose.

The scene changes to show artwork of the main characters. Mario takes off his hat for the camera, Luigi trips and lands on his face, Yoshi kicks out with his tail and smiles upward, Sonic runs back and forth only to give a thumbs up at the camera, and Shadow teleports as he uses a Chaos Blast

The scene changes to the Sky Pop flying over Princess Peach's Castle. Mario is flying the plane, with Luigi sitting behind him, Sonic and Shadow on the wings, and Yoshi holding onto the back. The Sky Pop flies over Bowser's castle, where all the heroes jump out and land on the ground. Bowser stands on top of his castle laughing at the heroes.

Next, the scene showcases all the villains of the Metallix Saga, starting with Bowser, atop his castle, before zooming inside, where it displays each of the Koopalings. They're followed by the silhouette of Dr. Eggman and a upward scrolling artwork of the Wario Bros., the Koopa Bros., Axem Rangers X, King K. Rool, King Boo, and Metallix, whose eyes start to glow.

The heroes break into Bowser's castle and destroy his army of Koopalings. Mario and Luigi break through a wall with Mario's hammer and perform a tornado attack. Shadow teleports around the room striking soldiers, while Yoshi uses his Flutter Jump technique. Sonic uses his Spin Dash on a group of Koopalings that are lined up like bowling pins. Mario leaps off of Luigi's head straight towards Mecha Mario, who's prepared for a counterattack.

The scene changes to a barren, burning wasteland, where the five heroes face down Metallix. Luigi trips, but the other four attempt to stop Metallix, who easily defeats all of them. Mario uses a Fire Flower and shoots a fireball at Metallix. His fireball meets with a laser from Metallix, and sends Mario sliding backwards. Mario uses the power of the Seven Star Spirits to become Super Mario. The intro ends with a close up on Mario's eyes.


  • Shadow is seen on one of the wings of the Sky Pop. In the original series, Shadow left the group during this time to find the Chaos Emeralds on his own.
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