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The Mario vs. Bowser battle is the first battle in the series, between Mario and Bowser, fighting about Bowser's attempt to kidnap the princess. It takes place during Episode 2. The battle ends with Mario defeating Bowser due to the timely appearance of Sonic and Shadow's capsule getting rid of Metal Bowser,and a Cape Feather.


  • Fire Mario (Mario + Fire Flower)
  • Metal Bowser (Bowser + Metal Mushroom)
  • Cape Mario (Mario + Feather)


{cue to stadium fight scene, Bowser jumps backward and fires four fireballs at Mario. Camera shift to Mario who manages to avoid them. Mario jumps into Bowser and sends him flying away. Bowser skids on the ground. Mario runs towards Bowser, who quickly gets up. Bowser jumps into the air, and Mario realizes he's going to try to land on him. Mario backs out of the way just in time. Bowser swipes at Mario three times, but Mario jumps over Bowser. Bowser turns around and grabs Mario, who yells "Oh no!" as Bowser hits him on the ground twice like a rag doll, grabs him with both hands, and sends him blasting away}

LAKILARRY: {flying to follow the action along with the cameraman} Wow, what an intense battle! This will truly be a grand prix to remember!

{Mario is still flying, skids on the ground right behind the cowering Luigi, who notices Mario. "Mario?". Camera shift to Bowser, who jumps again. Luigi notices this, and Luigi's yell "MARIO!" causes Mario to notice and get out of the way just in time. Bowser lands between the two plumbers and hits Luigi. Camera follows Luigi who is hit far. Bowser laughs and Mario takes out his hammer, taking a swipe at Bowser, who jumps out of the way. Mario looks for Bowser, but doesn't see him until it's too late, and gets hit with his hammer a little ways away. Bowser follows Mario and tries to jump on him, but Mario runs away, and Bowser pursues, trying to jump on Mario. After two attempts, Mario stops a bit, causing Bowser to jump a little further, and Super Jump Punches Bowser and Bowser is now the one who is sent flying}

{Bowser lands away and waits for Mario's next move. Mario pulls out a Fire Flower and turns into Fire Mario. "Let's-a go."}

{Mario and Bowser both charge fire. The fire collides without damage, and smoke lifts. Mario takes advantage of the smoke to take Bowser off guard and hit him. Mario sends Bowser above the clouds and follows him. Mario hits Bowser and grabs him by the tail, throwing him downwards. Bowser hits the ground. Bowser jumps out of the smoke and jumps next to Mario}

BOWSER: {laughing} I have to give you credit Mario... You've gotten stronger since our last battle.

{Mario takes this as a victory, and spins and yells "Yahoo!" as the crowd cheers, but Bowser is still laughing}

BOWSER: {stops laughing} But do you really think I didn't anticipate that? Kamek!!! NOW!!!!!!

{Kamek flies onscreen and charges something}


{A Metal Mushroom forms from Kamek's wand and it falls into Bowser's mouth. Bowser eats it and transforms into Metal Bowser}

LAKILARRY: What's this??? Bowser has transformed???

{Mario grunts as the transformation finishes}

BOWSER: OOOHH YEAH!!!! How do ya like me now?! Say hello to Metal Bowser!!!!! {zoom in on Bowser} And goodbye to your worthless existence!!!!!

{Bowser charges a mighty fireball, which Mario barely avoids. Bowser fires more fireballs, and Mario avoids some, but gets hit by one. Mario is sent flying and skids. Bowser jumps after Mario, who jumps out of the way in time. Mario tries to stomp on Bowser, but all he hits is metal and it doesn't work. Bowser laughs, grabs Mario, and throws him backward. Bowser jumps after the flying Mario and spikes him downwards. Mario hits the ground and Bowser prepares to Bowser Bomb him. Mario gets out of the way in time. Mario jumps near his hammer and grabs it. Bowser jumps out of the smoke and jumps to Mario, who gets out of the way. Bowser goes into his shell and Mario jumps out of the way, coming down on him with his hammer. The hammer hits Bowser with no effect, and the hammer jumps out of Mario's hands, turning into a jackhammer and digging into the ground}

BOWSER: {laughing} Looks like your hammer has upgraded to a Jackhammer!!! {goes into shell mode and hits Mario three times with his shell and spikes him to the ground}

{Mario gets up and pants from exhaustion}

BOWSER: {laughing} Oh! So you want more of this, huh? You sure are a glutton for punishment.

{Mario charges another fireball, Bowser doesn't move. The fireball hits Bowser, and Mario celebrates. However, Mario shocked at Bowser in metallic form that he didn't even scratched at all}

BOWSER: {laughing} HAA HAH HAAAHH!!!! PATHETIC!!!!!! That little fireball technique is useless against the NEW me!!!! Let me show you how it's done. Prepare to be schooled!! {charges a fireball of his own. It summons a tremendous blast that burns Mario}

{Mario is burned and loses his Fire upgrade. Mario falls to the ground}

BOWSER: {laughing} Oh how the mighty have fallen!!! But we all knew I would win in the end. Now it's time for my favourite part of the game. {Bowser charges another blast} SUDDEN DEATH!!!!!!!

{as the fireball is charging, Luigi finally gets up. He notices what is happening and both him and then Peach yell out for Mario}

LAKILARRY: Mario is down for the count!!! Is this the end? Has Bowser finally won??? {Camera heads to above them, where something teleports. It's strange capsule, which heads down} WOWSERS!!!!!!! {Lakilarry and the cameraman move out of the way as it falls}

BOWSER: Adios Mario!!!!! {the capsule hits him on the head} Wha...... What the.........??? {suit cracks and Bowser reverts to normal form} What the heck was that???!!! {Bowser realizes the transformation is gone} SHOOT!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY METAL POWERS???

{Luigi, angry for what Bowser has done, pulls out a Feather and gives it to Mario, who upgrades to Cape Mario. Mario attacks Bowser, sends him flying right, kicks him into the sky, spikes him downwards, and prepares for another assault...}

KAMEK: Hold it right there Mario!!! {shift to Kamek, holding Peach captive} Surrender yourself this instant.... Or else I'll turn your precious princess into a Goomba!!! {helpless, Mario surrenders. Bowser jumps to Mario.

BOWSER: {laughing} How very resourceful of you Kamek. Even the mightiest heroes fold in a hostage situation. Now, just hold still Mario, i'll make it quick and painless. {Bowser charges a fireball}

{Shift camera to capsule, which opens and two blurs pop out.} 

KAMEK: Finish them off your evilness!!! {But, they hit Kamek, who verbally says "I'm flying! Weeee!" as he is sent flying}

BOWSER: Huh??? Kamek??? Where did you go??? {taking advantage of the situation, Mario teleports behind Bowser, hits him, grabs him by the tail, and spins him far away as Luigi says "Bye-bye!" and Mario says "So longay, Bowser"}

{Bowser smacks the screen, smashes the glass, and skids down}

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