This article is about the 2015 character. For the 2006 version of this character, see Luigi (2006 Series)

First Appeared Fierce Battle Between Fierce Rivals
Last Appeared Fierce Battle Between Fierce Rivals
Appears in 1 Episode
Allies Mario
Professor E. Gadd
Enemies Bowser
Koopa Bros.
Axem Rangers X

Luigi Mario is a resident of the Mushroom Kingdom, and the younger brother of Mario. He is one of the main protagonists in Super Mario Bros. Z trying to stop Metallix from gaining all the Chaos Emeralds.


Metallix SagaEdit

At the Mushroom Kingdom Smash Tournament, Luigi helped Mario rise through the ranks and get to the final round against Wario. During the fight, Luigi supported Mario from outside of the arena. When Wario and Waluigi launched a powerful Gas Attack at Mario, Luigi threw an Invincibility Star at him in time for Mario to survive the explosion. Wario and Waluigi discovered his help, and Luigi laughed and taunted them. Wario began to charge at them with Waluigi as a baseball bat. Luigi jumped into the arena and gave Mario a hammer, pulling out another for himself. Before either side can attack, a Bob-omb falls out of the sky and explodes. Luigi flew high into the air and fell down into the ground headfirst. He looked up and saw Bowser flying down towards the arena in his Clown Car.

While he did not help Mario fight Bowser, as he was too afraid, he took a powerful punch from the Koopa King that sent him flying into the bleachers, rendering him unconscious. During the fight, Bowser tried to hit him with a fireball while Mario was distracted, but Mario successfully deflected it after much effort.

Luigi regained consciousness and was just in time to see Mario pass out after being burnt by a powerful fire blast dealt by Bowser, who had acquired a Metal Mushroom. As Bowser prepared to kill Mario, Luigi immediately jumped in front of his brother to protect him. Bowser simply laughed at this gesture and gave Luigi the chance to run away and save himself, but Luigi refused, and Bowser prepared to incinerate them both. Before he could do so, he was hit by a strange capsule that had teleported out of nowhere, and lost his Metal form as a result.

While Bowser was distracted, Luigi proceeded to give Mario a 1-Up Mushroom to revive him, and watched as Mario defeated Bowser, and as a strange figure kicked Kamek away from Peach.

While the brothers celebrated the victory, Luigi was intimidated by the newcomers, who were revealed to be Sonic and Shadow.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

To be added.


  • Thunder Hand - A powerful move that allows Luigi to channel electricity into an opponent.


To be added.


Contenders Episode Location Winner Length
1-61 Mario, Luigi
Wario, Waluigi
Fierce Battle Between Fierce Rivals Arena None
(Interrupted by Bowser)

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