1-Up MushroomAmy RoseAxem Rangers
Axem Rangers X (2006 Series)Banana BombBasilisx
Bauzire KoopaBladeBob-omb (2006 Series)
Bob-omb (2015 Series)BowserBowser's Alternate Forms
Bowser's CastleBowser's ReturnBowser (2006 Series)
Bowser Jr.Bowser Koopa Jr. (2006 Series)Brawl on a Vanishing Island
BruteChaos AbilitiesChaos Emeralds (2006 Series)
Chaos Emeralds (2015 Series)Cheep Cheep OceanCheese
Cream the RabbitDark KoopaDeath Egg (2006 Series)
Doctor Eggman (2006 Series)Donut PlainsE-123 Omega
Emerald RadarEmerald Radar RadarEpisode 1
Episode 2Episode 3Fierce Battle Between Fierce Rivals
Fire BallFire FlowerFire Sonic
Flutter JumpGallery:BowserGallery:Bowser's Return
Gallery:Brawl on a Vanishing IslandGallery:Fierce Battle Between Fierce RivalsGallery:Here Come the Koopa Bros.
Gallery:Intro (2006 Series)Gallery:LuigiGallery:Luigi (2006 Series)
Gallery:MarioGallery:MetallixGallery:Metallix Saga Intro
Gallery:Shadow the HedgehogGallery:Sonic the HedgehogGallery:The New Threat
Gallery:The New Threat (2006 Series)Gallery:Troubles on Yoshi's IslandGallery:Waluigi
Gallery:WarioGallery:Warriors from Another DimensionGallery:Yoshi
Geno (2006 Series)Goomba (2006 Series)Goombella (2006 Series)
Ground PoundHal and JeffHammer
Hammer Bros.Hammer Bros. SuitHammers (2006 Series)
Here Come the Koopa Bros.Heroes vs. Koopa Bros. vs. Axem Rangers XHeroes vs. Koopatrols
Heroes vs. Mecha Sonic 1Heroes vs. Mecha Sonic 2Heroes vs. Omega Doomship Soldiers
Heroes vs. Yoshi TribeIggy Koopa (2006 Series)Intro (2006 Series)
Kamek (2006 Series)KammyKing Boo
Knuckles the EchidnaKolorado (2006 Series)Koopa Bros.
Koopa Bros. (2006 Series)Koopa KlanKoopa Troop
Koopalings (2006 Series)KoopatrolLarry Koopa (2006 Series)
Legacy of the SMBZ 2006 SeriesLemmy Koopa (2006 Series)Light Speed Attack
List of Characters (2006 Series)List of Minor charactersList of episodes
List of locationsLudwig von Koopa (2006 Series)Luigi
Luigi's Alternate FormsLuigi (2006 Series)Mallow (2006 Series)
MarioMario's Alternate FormsMario (2006 Series)
Mario and Sonic vs. Mecha SonicMario vs. BasilisxMark Haynes
Mecha MarioMecha Mario (2006 Series)Mecha Sonic's Alternate Forms
Mecha Sonic SagaMecha Sonic vs. Axem Rangers XMetallix
Metallix SagaMetallix Saga IntroMiles "Tails" Prower
Minus WorldMobiusMorton Koopa Jr. (2006 Series)
MushroomMushroom KingdomMushroom World
Mysterious ScientistOmega Doomship (2006 Series)Peach's Castle
Petey PirahnaPipe MazePiranha Plant
PodobooPoison MushroomPower Ups
Princess PeachPrincess Peach (2006 Series)Professor E. Gadd
Professor E. Gadd (2006 Series)Professor FranklyQueen Pesca VIII
Question BlockRacetrackRadar
Rawk HawkRed FireRogueport
Rouge the BatRoy Koopa (2006 Series)Secret of the Pipe Maze
Semi-Super Mecha SonicShadow's Alternate FormsShadow the Hedgehog
Shadow the Hedgehog (2006 Series)Shoryu ReppaSky Pop
SmithySmithy SagaSnowboard
Sonic's Alternate FormsSonic the HedgehogSonic the Hedgehog (2006 Series)
Soundtrack (2006 Series)Soundtrack (2015 Series)Star Spirits
Starman (2006 Series)Starman (2015 Series)Stuffwell
Stuffwell (2006 Series)SubconSuper Leaf
Super Mario Bros. ZSuper Mario Bros. Z (2006 Series)Super Mario Bros. Z (2015 Series)
Super Mario Bros. Z WikiSwing Bros.Tanooki Suit
The Great Doomship OffensiveThe New ThreatThe New Threat (2006 Series)
The Smithy GangThe Two Shell TreatyThunderfoot
Toad TownToadsworthToadsworth (2006 Series)
Transcript:Bowser's ReturnTranscript:Brawl on a Vanishing IslandTranscript:Fierce Battle Between Fierce Rivals
Transcript:Here Come the Koopa Bros.Transcript:Secret of the Pipe MazeTranscript:The New Threat (2006 Series)
Transcript:Troubles on Yoshi's IslandTranscript:Warriors from Another DimensionTroubles on Yoshi's Island
Turbo Mecha SonicVector OverdriveWaluigi
Waluigi (2006 Series)WarioWario's Alternate Forms (2006 Series)
Wario (2006 Series)Warp PipeWarriors from Another Dimension
Wendy O. Koopa (2006 Series)YoshiYoshi's Alternate Forms
Yoshi's IslandYoshi's TribeYoshi (2006 Series)
Yoshi (Species)Yoshi Chief

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