This article is from the 2006 series of SMBZ and is no longer canon.

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The Heroes vs. Omega Doomship Soldiers battle is the tenth battle in the series, between Mario, Sonic, Luigi, and Yoshi (but mostly Mario and Sonic) and Bowser's Army aboard the Omega Doomship with the goal of raiding the doomship for the heroes and stopping the heroes for the soldiers. It takes place during Episode 8. The battle ends with the raid coming to a close and the heroes beginning the next battle.



The battle begins as Mario and Sonic leap off of the Skypop Mark II. They dodge Bullet Bills, until part of the way down, and then begin attacking them. Mario transforms into Raccoon Mario and Sonic rides a Bullet Bill down to the deck. Sonic kicks the Bullet Bill at the ground and Mario airlifts him past a group of soldiers, and they execute a spin move together that smashes through some Koopas and Gloombas. Mario then hurls Sonic forward, who bowls through, and Hurricane Kicks through some baddies, while Mario kicks a Bobomb into the Bullet Bill cannons, which explode. As Luigi and Yoshi approach in the Skypop, Mario and Sonic smash through some more soldiers. Sonic fires off a shockwave attack that destroys some of the troops, and he and Mario run up to a wall. Sonic then performs the Blue Tornado attack, which he and Mario use to fly up to the top of the wall, where Mario spikes Sonic into a group of troops. Sonic and Mario smash up some more soldiers, then Luigi and Yoshi fly by in the Skypop and fire a missile at a wall. The explosion punches a hole in the wall, and Luigi flies inside. They land the plane, and while it's still moving, leap out and pummel the baddies. They come to a stop as they see the entire army of Koopatrols inside, which is where the next battle begins.


This is incredibly reminiscent of an opening scene of MetaKnights Revenge from Kirby SuperStar, where Kirby lands on the Halbird and is essentially invincilble.