This article is from the 2006 series of SMBZ and is no longer canon.

Geno (real name ♥♪!?) is a character from Super Mario RPG who is confirmed to be in the Smithy Saga of Super Mario Bros. Z.[1] In Super Mario RPG, he is a warrior from Star Road.

Super Mario RPGEdit

In Super Mario RPG, Geno had been sent by a "higher authority", to stop Smithy and his gang. He originally appeared as a doll of Gaz, prior to the events of when he appeared, but is really a star. He took on the form of a Doll to have a body, in hopes to destroy Smithy.

He joined Mario and Mallow in a fight against one of Smithy's monsters, named Bowyer. After defeated, Geno told the two his real name, although it was unpronounceable. He then switched his name to "Geno", after the Doll.

Once Smithy was finally defeated, he exited his Doll form and turned into his Star form once again. It is assumed that the Doll was returned to Gaz in Rose Town, although he might've found a job for himself as shown below.

Mario and Luigi: SuperStar SagaEdit

Geno's doll made a cameo appearance in the first Mario and Luigi game, in the Star Stache Smash game in Little Fungitown. His doll appears as a Mechanical Host, however in his true form, he may be watching over Mario in Star Road.

In Super Mario Bros. ZEdit

Geno has yet to appear in Super Mario Bros. Z along with Mallow, which has been confirmed by Alvin-Earthworm himself.


Geno's personality is strongly based on his confidence and attitude. But, he does not have a tough guy ego, he has a more rebellious attitude against his enemies.

Geno tends to be enthusiastic at times, second to Mario in Super Mario RPG, who was silent in the whole game despite being the main protagonist. He is quite wise sometimes and usually keeps his hopes up when he and Mario's party get closer to finding and defeating Smithy.

Along Geno's confidence, he is quite strong and is the fastest character of Mario's Party in Super Mario RPG. It was shown that his move "Geno Whirl" can give 9999 damage to a normal enemy, along with Exor and the Yaridovich copy. It can only give that much damage if timed correctly.

Fighting StyleEdit

Geno's fighting style is only in RPG form for Super Mario RPG, and is shown to have quite interesting powers, such as turning himself into a cannon and shooting an energy beam which becomes quite large, or shooting pellets out of his hand.

In Super Mario Bros. Z, it's unknown how he fights, for he hasn't made a major appearance yet.