A Fire Flower

A Fire Flower is a power-up used by The Mario Bros. The Fire Flower first appeared in Super Mario Bros., and became very popular throughout the franchise. In Super Mario Bros. Z, Fire Flowers can give Mario and Luigi great powers, and they can help them use attacks very similar to the energy blast moves used by DBZ characters. It allows Mario to fire small fireballs in a rapid manner or to charge up a single strong attack. It also grants them enhanced strength and agility.

Waluigi also has the ability to use the Fire Flower, and Wario can manipulate its effect to drastic proportions. It is assumed Wario can use it also.

This article is from the 2006 series of SMBZ and is no longer canon.

Other than the Mario Bros., Sonic has used one as well. In Episode 8, Sonic used a Fire Flower to transform into Fire Sonic. Fire Sonic's powers seem to be much stronger than Fire Mario's attacks, such as the ability to combine it with Chaos Control and can create a pillar of Fire by running in a circle fast and long enough, similar to the tornado attacks used in the games. The attack is supposedly called the Fire Tornado. Like Mario, Sonic also has enhanced strength and speed with this item.