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Episode 10 (tentative title) is the tenth episode of Super Mario Bros. Z. It is the third and final episode of the Omega Doomship arc. This episode picks up where the previous one left off.


Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Sonic and Stuffwell are still aboard the Omega Doomship, high above in the dark-clouded skies, to save Princess Peach from Bowser and Dr. Eggman and continue the Chaos Emeralds hunt on the whole Mushroom World (which is what Shadow is possibly doing all alone, without the Emerald Radar).


  • It seemed that Mario and friends will leave the Omega Doomship somehow, as it is the last episode of the Omega Doomship Arc.
  • It is unknown if Princess Peach will be saved or still being held captive.


  • Mario (10th)
  • Luigi (10th)
  • Sonic (9th)
  • Princess Peach (9th) (expected)
  • Shadow (9th)
  • Yoshi (8th)
  • Bowser (6th) (expected)
  • Eggman (4th) (expected)
  • Stuffwell (4th)
  • Mecha Mario (2nd) (expected)

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